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Below are some links to sites that we find helpful information about leadership and the application of IOHAI principles to leadership.

We have also included links that deal with the application of John Boyd's OODA Loop and among others, the principles of agility, adaptability and asymmetrical fast transients to individual and organisational effectiveness and cempetiveness.

  Sentient Leadership  

This is our sister site. We have looked for a meme to accurately and succinctly describe leadership characterised by the principles encapsulated in the IOHAI acronym. As far as we know this is the first use of the term in this context and if you visit the site (still under construction) we hope that you will conclude that it is accurate.

It is our intention that it will lead to a greater dissemination, understanding and appreciation of these ideas outside the current community. It is also easier for people to understand and retain than "IHIO?", "Hi ya?" and all the other enunciations that people hearing it for the first time seem to respond with.


Henrik Mårtensson - Main Site

Henrik Mårtensson - Blog

Henrik Mårtensson - Articles at www.scribd.com

We highly recommend you look at Henrik Mårtensson's sites, particularly his articles at www.scribd.com. Henrik is also translating his book "Tempo" into English and it should be available later this year. Be sure to also check out his latest book "Less".