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Set out below are links to pages with original Boyd documents, briefings or material that is relevant to strategy, business or any other competitive situation. A link can be found at the bottom of a page if there is a file (Powerpoint, PDF etc) available for download.

Original Boyd Material

A Discourse on Winning and Losing (1992)

"A Discourse" is a synthesis or anthology of the four briefings in the order above (Patterns through to Conceptual Spiral) with Destruction and Creation occupying first place in earlier briefings. Boyd then relegated to the end for ten years because he said it "turned off most audiences" (Hammond, P. 119). It seems to have finally found its place between The Strategic Game of ? and ? which was the intellectual link between it and Conceptual Spiral (Hammond, P. 156).


The Essence of Winning & Losing (1996)

Is a compressed revision of A Discourse along with the OODA Loop and previous work into five slides.

Business Applications

Certain to Win by Chet Richards

This is a summary by Richards of his book of the same name. It is an application of the OODA Loop, Maneuver Warfare and 4GW principles to business.